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8th Annual Winter Adventure Weekend - January 26-29, 2017

Carter Caves State Resort Park, Kentucky

Cave Trips


CAVES, CAVES, CAVES! Lots of choices from wild adventurous cave trips that will get you down and dirty, scenic walking tours that will have you shutter bugging all the way, to jaw dropping history tours associated with the underground world!



A Caving Equipment Checklist by the National Speleological Society.

Required Equipment For Level 1 Cave Trips:

Old clothes, gloves, comfortable (broken in) shoes that cover the ankle, a good flashlight with extra batteries, and a backup light source. Some Level 1 cave trips may require a hard hat with chin strap; read trip descriptions for details. For additional information on WNS visit the WNS Web Page.

Required Equipment For Level 2 & 3 Cave Trips:

Non-insulated coveralls or layers of old clothing including an outer layer that can be removed and bagged after your tour. Having multiple layers will allow you to adjust according to climate conditions you'll encounter both above and below ground. Boots that cover the ankles, knee pads, gloves, a hard hat with chin strap, 3 light sources with one mounted on hard hat, small pack to carry bottled water, snacks, extra batteries, and supplies. NOTE: You cannot use the same soft cave gear on multiple cave trips. For additional information on WNS visit the WNS Web Page. See guidelines below for more information.

White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) and Decontamination Guidelines

White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) is a disease that is harming our bats and has no effect on humans. To help protect the bats you will be required to follow the mandatory guidelines and decontamination procedures for wild cave trips. WNS was found in bat populations in some caves at Carter Caves State Resort Park in February of 2013. Now that is found locally, it is critical to adhere to the decontamination guidelines following cave trips. Because of the seriousness of WNS, all wild cave participants are required to follow these guidelines.

✔ Participants are not to bring any clothing or gear that has been in another cave or mine outside of the Carter Caves Region since 2006 unless it has been decontaminated.

✔ Participants going on multiple wild cave trips during the weekend must have complete different sets of soft gear for each cave trip. Soft gear includes coveralls or outer layer of clothing, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves & cave pack.

✔ You cannot use the same soft gear on two different wild cave trips.

✔ Participants are to wear coveralls or an outer layer of clothing that can be removed and bagged after leaving the cave. Bags provided.

✔ Participants will also bag any other soft gear like knee or elbow pads.

✔ Participants must not take the clothing or gear used on a wild cave trip during WAW into another cave or mine outside of the Carter Caves Region without decontaminating using the guidelines in this document - National White-Nose Syndrome Decontamination Protocol - Version 04.12.2016

✔ Participants will have their shoes & hard gear (helmets, lights) decontaminated following the cave trips.

✔ Hard gear can be used on multiple cave trips during WAW.

✔ Participants in wild cave trips will sign the Wild Caving Agreement indicating they have read and understand the wild caving guidelines that have been set for the event.

✔ Guides can remove you from the trip if you do not follow these guidelines!

✔ For additional information on WNS visit the WNS Web Page.

Wild Cave Trips

Trip Day Time Trip Name Extra
Level Limit Hours Spots
3Thursday1:30pmHorn Hollow & Rimstone Cave Trip$5.002203 hrs14
19Friday1:30pmCascade Gone Wild$5.002203 hrs8
22Friday1:30pmHorn Hollow & Rimstone Cave Trip$5.002203 hrs2
23Friday2:00pmSandy Cave Flotilla$5.002103 hrsFull
42Friday7:00pmCarbide Lamp Cave Trip$5.00182.5 hrsFull
46Friday9:30pmMock Expedition Overnight$15.002309.5 hrsFull
54Saturday8:30amSandy Cave Flotilla$5.002103 hrsFull
55Saturday8:30amBat Cave Backdoor$5.002203 hrsFull
56Saturday8:30amHorn Hollow & Rimstone Cave Trip$5.002203 hrsFull
57Saturday8:30amCarter City Connection$5.003185 hrs1
58Saturday8:30amTygart Gorge Hike & Cave Trek$5.003104 hrsFull
72Saturday9:30amCaving Lets Do It Right: Bat Cave Visit 2252.5 hrs19
73Saturday9:30amTar Kiln Trek$5.003156 hrs3
74Saturday9:30amCascade Gone Wild$5.002203 hrs3
75Saturday9:30amSandy Cave Flotilla$5.002103 hrsFull
76Saturday9:30amBat Cave Backdoor$5.002203 hrs16
82Saturday10:00amFern & Flood Caves$5.003114 hrs11
83Saturday10:00amBat Cave Extra Extreme$5.003105 hrsFull
95Saturday11:00amTar Kiln Trek$5.003156 hrs4
96Saturday11:00amBat Cave Backdoor$5.002203 hrs9
100Saturday11:30amCascade Gone Wild$5.002203 hrs18
102Saturday12:00pmFern & Flood Caves$5.003114 hrs4
106Saturday12:30pmCarbide Lamp Cave Trip$5.00182.5 hrsFull
108Saturday12:30pmThe Lantern Tour$5.002103 hrs1
109Saturday12:30pmBat Cave Backdoor$5.002203 hrs4
115Saturday1:00pmHorn Hollow & Rimstone Cave Trip$5.002203 hrs11
123Saturday1:30pmCaving Do it Right: The Cave Hike 2253 hrs19
126Saturday1:30pmCascade Kid Capers$5.002203 hrs14
127Saturday1:30pmSandy Cave Flotilla$5.002103 hrsFull
128Saturday1:30pmBat Cave Backdoor$5.002203 hrs6
133Saturday2:00pmCascade Gone Wild$5.002203 hrs2
134Saturday2:00pmBat Cave Backdoor$5.002203 hrs16
186Saturday2:00pmHorn Hollow & Rimstone Cave Trip$5.002203 hrs14
159Sunday9:00amHorn Hollow & Rimstone Cave Trip$5.002203 hrs1
160Sunday9:00amSandy Cave Flotilla$5.002103 hrsFull
161Sunday9:00amBat Cave Backdoor$5.002203 hrs10
162Sunday9:00amTygart Gorge Hike & Cave Trek$5.003104 hrsFull
163Sunday9:00amCascade Gone Wild$5.002203 hrs12
172Sunday9:30amCascade Kid Capers$5.002203 hrs17
173Sunday9:30amBat Cave Backdoor$5.002203 hrs14
177Sunday10:00amSandy Cave Flotilla$5.002103 hrs1

Not So Wild Cave Trips

Trip Day Time Trip Name Extra
Level Limit Hours Spots
1Thursday1:30pmA Guide to Hibernating Bats 1152.5 hrs9
5Thursday2:30pmVisit To Cascade Cave 1602 hrs47
12Friday10:30amVisit To Cascade Cave 1602 hrs27
13Friday1:00pmVisit To X Cave 1301 hr27
25Friday2:30pmVisit To Cascade Cave 1602 hrs55
36Friday4:30pmVisit To X Cave 1301 hr8
51Saturday8:30amHistory Of Mine Lighting 1103 hrs1
69Saturday9:30amFlashlight Tour Of X-Cave 1251 hrFull
88Saturday10:30amVisit To Cascade Cave 1602 hrs54
114Saturday1:00pmVisit To X Cave 1301 hr18
141Saturday2:30pmVisit To Cascade Cave 1602 hrs29
156Saturday4:30pmVisit To X Cave 1301 hrFull
158Sunday8:30amHistory Of Mine Lighting 1103 hrs1
170Sunday9:30amFlashlight Tour Of X-Cave 1251 hr1
180Sunday10:30amVisit To Cascade Cave 1602 hrs46
185Sunday1:00pmVisit To X Cave 1251 hr19