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8th Annual Winter Adventure Weekend - January 26-29, 2017

Carter Caves State Resort Park, Kentucky

High Line Ride


Ride the high line ride across Smoky Bridge Gorge!

Now that you have tried moving up and down a rope, how about cruising across one? That's right - a high line over 200 feet long will be stretched across the gorge down behind the lodge. We will strap you in for a ride to remember as you drop 40 feet in elevation from launch pad to catch pad and cruise by the park’s largest natural arch, Smoky Bridge. Make sure you bring your cameras for some great photo opportunities.

For your safety and comfort, there is a weight limit of 250 pounds; however, you must also fit in the harness per manufacturer's safety guidelines.

Trip Day Time Trip Name Extra
Level Limit Hours Spots
15Friday1:30pmSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002181.5 hrs10
26Friday2:30pmSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002181.5 hrs15
32Friday3:30pmSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002181.5 hrs10
61Saturday9:00amSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002201.5 hrs2
80Saturday10:00amSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002201.5 hrs8
93Saturday11:00amSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002201.5 hrs9
101Saturday12:00pmSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002181.5 hrsFull
112Saturday1:00pmSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002181.5 hrs13
131Saturday2:00pmSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002201.5 hrs7
145Saturday3:00pmSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002201.5 hrsFull
153Saturday4:00pmSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002201.5 hrsFull