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8th Annual Winter Adventure Weekend - January 26-29, 2017

Carter Caves State Resort Park, Kentucky

Photo Salon


Have some great winter adventure photos? Submit them to the Photo Salon!

Images must be received on or before: Wednesday, January 18, 2017.

The Winter Adventure Weekend Photo Salon features several categories from winter scenes to caving photos. Professional and amateur photographers are encouraged to submit their photos. This is a juried show; just to have your photo included in the final display is an honor. Here are some guidelines for making the show.

• Contestants must be registered Winter Adventure Weekend participants or a Staph member.

• Contestants may enter up to 4 images per category and 8 total images.

• All images must be presented in a digital format suitable for display by digital projector.

• All images must include a title. Put some thought into your title. Just as a good frame can add to a painting, a good title can boost your image.

• All images must specify the photo category, location, and date.

• NOTE: Any image entered without photo category, title, location, and date will be rejected.

• Photos should exhibit good composition and technical qualities such as sharpness and focus.

• Submission of local photos (Tri-state area and particularly Carter Caves) is strongly encouraged, and these photos will be will be given extra consideration.

Photo Categories


• Photos should encourage the viewer to visit the location or participate in a winter activity beyond the couch.

• Photos that capture the essence of human interaction with winter.

• Photos must be of wintertime scenes or activities, but snow and ice are not required elements.

• Photos can be from any geographical location.

• Note: Special attention will be made to WAW or local photos.


• Photos can be taken inside or outside a cave. If the photo is taken from the outside of a cave, a cave entrance or cave feature must be visible in the photograph.

• Photos can feature either human caving activity or scenic cave shots that would inspire the viewer to visit the location or participate in caving.

• Photos can be from any geographical location.

• Special attention will be made to past Crawlathon or local photos.


• Photos need to have been taken in the (Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia) tri-state area ONLY!

• Nature Scenes from any time of year.

• Photos should inspire the viewer to spend more days enjoying the natural resources here in the tri-state area.

The follow awards will be given for each category.

• Inclusion in the Photo Salon

• Green Ribbons (meritorious)

• Blue Ribbons (exceptional)

• Best of Show (in each category)

• Overall Best of Show (the best overall photo regardless of category)

Each individual entry must be accompanied by the following information:

• Name of contestant

• Title of image

• Photo category

• Location of image. This information will be made public unless a special request is made.

• Date image was taken (best guess at year and month is sufficient)

• You may include optional notes to further explain your photo, but these will not be viewed by the judges until after the jury process as images must stand on their own.

The decisions of the judges are final. Non-commercial reproduction rights of images are granted to the Kentucky Department of Parks.

Sorry! The Photo Salon deadline has passed.