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8th Annual Winter Adventure Weekend - January 26-29, 2017

Carter Caves State Resort Park, Kentucky

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List of all field trips.

 Number of registrants is: 429

Trip Day Time Trip Name Extra
Level Limit Hours Spots
1Thursday1:30pmA Guide to Hibernating Bats 1152.5 hrs9
2Thursday1:30pmGeomorphology Trek 3153.5 hrsFull
3Thursday1:30pmHorn Hollow & Rimstone Cave Trip$5.002203 hrs14
4Thursday2:30pmAll about Oaks 1151.5 hrs13
5Thursday2:30pmVisit To Cascade Cave 1602 hrs47
6Thursday7:30pmThe Superior Hiking Trail in Minnesota 1501 hrDrop In
7Thursday8:30pmDeadly or Beautiful? You Be the Judge! 1501 hrDrop In
8Friday7:45amYoga in the Cave 1201.75 hrsDrop In
9Friday9:30amA Dummies Guide to Water Treatment for the Backpacker 1501.5 hrsDrop In
10Friday10:00amTygart's Creek Regretta 4127 hrs5
11Friday10:30amHot Chocolate 5K Fun Run or Walk 11001.5 hrsDrop In
12Friday10:30amVisit To Cascade Cave 1602 hrs27
13Friday1:00pmVisit To X Cave 1301 hr27
14Friday1:30pmIntroduction to Rock Climbing 2103 hrsFull
15Friday1:30pmSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002181.5 hrs10
16Friday1:30pmDown For Dummies 2101.5 hrs1
17Friday1:30pmUp For Idiots 2101.5 hrs9
18Friday1:30pmBlades of Glory 101 101 hrFull
19Friday1:30pmCascade Gone Wild$5.002203 hrs8
20Friday1:30pmSlacklining 2121 hrDrop In
21Friday1:30pmRope Climbing Competition 2101 hrDrop In
22Friday1:30pmHorn Hollow & Rimstone Cave Trip$5.002203 hrs2
23Friday2:00pmSandy Cave Flotilla$5.002103 hrsFull
24Friday2:00pmCamouflaging Do's and Don'ts  1252 hrs23
25Friday2:30pmVisit To Cascade Cave 1602 hrs55
26Friday2:30pmSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002181.5 hrs15
27Friday2:30pmDown For Dummies 2101.5 hrs1
28Friday2:30pmSlacklining 2121 hrDrop In
29Friday2:30pmRope Climbing Competition 2101 hrDrop In
30Friday3:00pmUp For Idiots 2101.5 hrs3
31Friday3:30pmBlades of Glory 101 101 hrFull
32Friday3:30pmSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002181.5 hrs10
33Friday3:30pmDown For Dummies 2101.5 hrsFull
34Friday3:30pmSlacklining 2121 hrDrop In
35Friday3:30pmRope Climbing Competition 2101 hrDrop In
36Friday4:30pmVisit To X Cave 1301 hr8
37Friday5:00pmOpen Ice 1501 hrDrop In
38Friday5:00pmKenny McCoy Corrugated Cave 1101 hrDrop In
39Friday6:00pmOpen Ice 1501.5 hrsDrop In
40Friday6:00pmKenny McCoy Corrugated Cave 1101 hrDrop In
41Friday7:00pmCampfire Social  1501 hrDrop In
42Friday7:00pmCarbide Lamp Cave Trip$5.00182.5 hrsFull
43Friday7:00pmKenny McCoy Corrugated Cave 1101 hrDrop In
44Friday8:00pmTrail Magic The Grandma Gatewood Story 1501.5 hrsDrop In
45Friday8:00pmKenny McCoy Corrugated Cave 1101 hrDrop In
46Friday9:30pmMock Expedition Overnight$15.002309.5 hrsFull
47Friday9:30pmOpen Ice 1501.5 hrsDrop In
48Friday9:30pmJam Session 1501.5 hrsDrop In
49Saturday8:30amDown For Dummies 2101.5 hrsFull
50Saturday8:30amUp For Idiots 2101.5 hrs1
51Saturday8:30amHistory Of Mine Lighting 1103 hrs1
52Saturday8:30amKey Features of Karst Landscapes 3203 hrs5
53Saturday8:30amHave An Ice Day 383 hrs2
54Saturday8:30amSandy Cave Flotilla$5.002103 hrsFull
55Saturday8:30amBat Cave Backdoor$5.002203 hrsFull
56Saturday8:30amHorn Hollow & Rimstone Cave Trip$5.002203 hrsFull
57Saturday8:30amCarter City Connection$5.003185 hrs1
58Saturday8:30amTygart Gorge Hike & Cave Trek$5.003104 hrsFull
59Saturday8:30amRope Climbing Competition 2101 hrDrop In
60Saturday9:00amSqueeze Box Competition Preliminary 1151 hr7
61Saturday9:00amSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002201.5 hrs2
62Saturday9:00amRecreational Tree Climbing 2101.5 hrsFull
63Saturday9:00amTygart's Creek Regretta 4127 hrs6
64Saturday9:00amBlades of Glory 101 101 hrFull
65Saturday9:00amKenny McCoy Corrugated Cave 1101 hrDrop In
66Saturday9:00amSlacklining 1101 hrDrop In
67Saturday9:30amGeocaching 101 1201.5 hrsFull
68Saturday9:30amDown For Dummies 2101.5 hrsFull
69Saturday9:30amFlashlight Tour Of X-Cave 1251 hrFull
70Saturday9:30amWinter Survival Workshop 1253 hrs1
71Saturday9:30amIntroduction to Rock Climbing 2103 hrsFull
72Saturday9:30amCaving Lets Do It Right: Bat Cave Visit 2252.5 hrs19
73Saturday9:30amTar Kiln Trek$5.003156 hrs3
74Saturday9:30amCascade Gone Wild$5.002203 hrs3
75Saturday9:30amSandy Cave Flotilla$5.002103 hrsFull
76Saturday9:30amBat Cave Backdoor$5.002203 hrs16
77Saturday9:30amRope Climbing Competition 2101 hrDrop In
78Saturday10:00amBYOK - Paddle Trip 4127 hrs1
79Saturday10:00amSqueeze Box Competition Preliminary 1151 hr9
80Saturday10:00amSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002201.5 hrs8
81Saturday10:00amUp For Idiots 2101.5 hrs7
82Saturday10:00amFern & Flood Caves$5.003114 hrs11
83Saturday10:00amBat Cave Extra Extreme$5.003105 hrsFull
84Saturday10:00amBackpacking 101 1202.5 hrs6
85Saturday10:00amMug Ruggin' It 1100.5 hrsDrop In
86Saturday10:00amKenny McCoy Corrugated Cave 1101 hrDrop In
87Saturday10:00amSlacklining 1101 hrDrop In
88Saturday10:30amVisit To Cascade Cave 1602 hrs54
89Saturday10:30amDown For Dummies 2101.5 hrsFull
90Saturday10:30amRecreational Tree Climbing 2101.5 hrsFull
91Saturday10:30amRope Climbing Competition 2101 hrDrop In
92Saturday11:00amSqueeze Box Competition Preliminary 1151 hr9
93Saturday11:00amSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002201.5 hrs9
94Saturday11:00amBlades of Glory 101 101 hrFull
95Saturday11:00amTar Kiln Trek$5.003156 hrs4
96Saturday11:00amBat Cave Backdoor$5.002203 hrs9
97Saturday11:00amMug Ruggin' It 1100.5 hrsDrop In
98Saturday11:00amKenny McCoy Corrugated Cave 1101 hrDrop In
99Saturday11:00amSlacklining 1101 hrDrop In
100Saturday11:30amCascade Gone Wild$5.002203 hrs18
101Saturday12:00pmSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002181.5 hrsFull
102Saturday12:00pmFern & Flood Caves$5.003114 hrs4
103Saturday12:30pmGeocaching 101 1201.5 hrsFull
104Saturday12:30pmDown For Dummies 2101.5 hrsFull
105Saturday12:30pmUp For Idiots 2101.5 hrs1
106Saturday12:30pmCarbide Lamp Cave Trip$5.00182.5 hrsFull
107Saturday12:30pmA Hike Through The Back-Forty 3203 hrs8
108Saturday12:30pmThe Lantern Tour$5.002103 hrs1
109Saturday12:30pmBat Cave Backdoor$5.002203 hrs4
110Saturday12:30pmRope Climbing Competition 2101 hrDrop In
111Saturday1:00pmSqueeze Box Competition Preliminary 1151 hr9
112Saturday1:00pmSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002181.5 hrs13
113Saturday1:00pmRecreational Tree Climbing 2101.5 hrsFull
114Saturday1:00pmVisit To X Cave 1301 hr18
115Saturday1:00pmHorn Hollow & Rimstone Cave Trip$5.002203 hrs11
116Saturday1:00pmHave An Ice Day 383 hrs2
117Saturday1:00pmMug Ruggin' It 1100.5 hrsDrop In
118Saturday1:00pmKenny McCoy Corrugated Cave 1101 hrDrop In
119Saturday1:00pmSlacklining 1101 hrDrop In
120Saturday1:30pmDown For Dummies 2101.5 hrsFull
121Saturday1:30pmOrienteering 1203 hrsFull
122Saturday1:30pmA Walk In The Forest 2153 hrs3
123Saturday1:30pmCaving Do it Right: The Cave Hike 2253 hrs19
124Saturday1:30pmIntroduction to Rock Climbing 2103 hrsFull
125Saturday1:30pmBlades of Glory 101 101 hrFull
126Saturday1:30pmCascade Kid Capers$5.002203 hrs14
127Saturday1:30pmSandy Cave Flotilla$5.002103 hrsFull
128Saturday1:30pmBat Cave Backdoor$5.002203 hrs6
129Saturday1:30pmRope Climbing Competition 2101 hrDrop In
130Saturday2:00pmSqueeze Box Competition Preliminary 1151 hr15
131Saturday2:00pmSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002201.5 hrs7
132Saturday2:00pmUp For Idiots 2101.5 hrsFull
133Saturday2:00pmCascade Gone Wild$5.002203 hrs2
134Saturday2:00pmBat Cave Backdoor$5.002203 hrs16
135Saturday2:00pmCave Survey 101 2203 hrs15
136Saturday2:00pmMug Ruggin' It 1100.5 hrsDrop In
137Saturday2:00pmKenny McCoy Corrugated Cave 1101 hrDrop In
138Saturday2:00pmSlacklining 1101 hrDrop In
186Saturday2:00pmHorn Hollow & Rimstone Cave Trip$5.002203 hrs14
139Saturday2:30pmDown For Dummies 2101.5 hrsFull
140Saturday2:30pmRecreational Tree Climbing 2101.5 hrsFull
141Saturday2:30pmVisit To Cascade Cave 1602 hrs29
142Saturday2:30pmCampfire Cookin Is Fun 1122 hrs1
143Saturday2:30pmRope Climbing Competition 2101 hrDrop In
144Saturday3:00pmSqueeze Box Competition Preliminary 1151 hrFull
145Saturday3:00pmSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002201.5 hrsFull
146Saturday3:00pmMug Ruggin' It 1100.5 hrsDrop In
147Saturday3:00pmKenny McCoy Corrugated Cave 1101 hrDrop In
148Saturday3:30pmBlades of Glory 101 101 hrFull
149Saturday3:30pmDown For Dummies 2101.5 hrs1
150Saturday3:30pmRope Climbing Competition 2101 hrDrop In
151Saturday3:30pmUp For Idiots 2101.5 hrsFull
152Saturday3:30pmBackcountry Cooking 101 1501 hrDrop In
153Saturday4:00pmSmoky Bridge High-Line Ride$3.002201.5 hrsFull
154Saturday4:00pmMug Ruggin' It 1100.5 hrsDrop In
155Saturday4:00pmKenny McCoy Corrugated Cave 1100.5 hrsDrop In
156Saturday4:30pmVisit To X Cave 1301 hrFull
157Saturday5:00pmOpen Ice 1506 hrsDrop In
158Sunday8:30amHistory Of Mine Lighting 1103 hrs1
159Sunday9:00amHorn Hollow & Rimstone Cave Trip$5.002203 hrs1
160Sunday9:00amSandy Cave Flotilla$5.002103 hrsFull
161Sunday9:00amBat Cave Backdoor$5.002203 hrs10
162Sunday9:00amTygart Gorge Hike & Cave Trek$5.003104 hrsFull
163Sunday9:00amCascade Gone Wild$5.002203 hrs12
164Sunday9:00amKenny McCoy Corrugated Cave 1101 hrDrop In
165Sunday9:30amOpen Ice 1501.5 hrsDrop In
166Sunday9:30amA Walk In The Forest 2153 hrs2
167Sunday9:30amIntroduction to Rock Climbing 2103 hrsFull
168Sunday9:30amDown For Dummies 2101 hrFull
169Sunday9:30amRecreational Tree Climbing 2101.5 hrsFull
170Sunday9:30amFlashlight Tour Of X-Cave 1251 hr1
171Sunday9:30amTracking for Everyone 1253 hrs1
172Sunday9:30amCascade Kid Capers$5.002203 hrs17
173Sunday9:30amBat Cave Backdoor$5.002203 hrs14
174Sunday10:00amAll about Oaks 1151.5 hrs6
175Sunday10:00amCampfire Cookin Is Fun 1122 hrs1
176Sunday10:00amKnot Your Daddy's Knot Class 1151 hr11
177Sunday10:00amSandy Cave Flotilla$5.002103 hrs1
178Sunday10:00amKenny McCoy Corrugated Cave 1101 hrDrop In
179Sunday10:30amDown For Dummies 2101 hrFull
180Sunday10:30amVisit To Cascade Cave 1602 hrs46
181Sunday11:00amRecreational Tree Climbing 2101.5 hrsFull
182Sunday11:00amKnot Your Daddy's Knot Class 1151 hr13
183Sunday11:00amKenny McCoy Corrugated Cave 1101 hrDrop In
184Sunday11:00amOpen Ice 1501 hrDrop In
185Sunday1:00pmVisit To X Cave 1251 hr19

There are 186 trips shown on this page.