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10th Annual Winter Adventure Weekend - January 24-27, 2019

Carter Caves State Resort Park, Kentucky

Saturday Keynote Program


Title: Lechuguilla Far West Expedition: February 2017

Presenter: Tammy Otten

Saturday 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm - Fields Room in Lodge

Lechuguilla Cave Lechuguilla Cave Lechuguilla Cave Lechuguilla Cave
Photo Credit: Dr. Jean Krejca, Zara Environmental LLC

Presentation Description: Ten people, seven days and lots of gear, ever wonder what it is like to participate in a 7-day expedition underground? Hear the story of how one group traveled through Lechuguilla Cave to the Far West to continue exploration and survey of this incredible national resource. Share the journey as they travel through Lechuguilla Cave to the Deep Seas Camp and beyond. See recent discoveries, including photographs of Zion, a 600’ x 170’ x 250’ room, discovered during the expedition.

Learn about the proposal process, planning for a trip, necessary gear, food and hydration concerns, hygiene and grooming activities, supplies and other camping considerations. See what a cave camp looks like as well as the ins and outs of daily activities conducted during a typical expedition. The presentation will also cover water, cooking and waste management, leave no trace procedures and other conservation protocols used to protect a beautiful cave while exploration and survey continue.

About Tammy Otten:

Tammy began caving in the early 90’s, as a member of The Greater Cincinnati Grotto. She learned to survey through the patience and guidance of fellow grotto members and by attending the Karst Field Studies summer class at Western Kentucky University. Tammy has been on Cave Research Foundation expeditions in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, as well as expeditions in Jaguar Cave, Quintana Roo, Mexico, Isla de Mona, Puerto Rico and Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico. She has spent most of her caving career in Jackson and Rockcastle County Kentucky. Tammy is a founding member of The Rockcastle Karst Conservancy and a Fellow of the National Speleological Society.

Lechuguilla Cave Lechuguilla Cave