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The spelling of "Staph" is intentional. The volunteer staff members are referred to, tongue-in-cheek, as Staph Members. Being a volunteer for this event is quite infectious! Join us!


Volunteer Staph

We would like to thank and acknowledge all of the faithful volunteers who spend their time and effort in order to make Winter Adventure Weekend very fun, safe, and successful.





































Coy Ainsle,y Hilary Ainsley, Marshall Ainsley, Patrick Allen, Bruce Bannerman, Polly Barger, Judi Bennett, Catherine Bishop, Charlie Bishop, Stephen Bishop, Allen Blair, Catie Blair, Teresa Boerma, Jerry Brandenburg, Sam Buhlig, Mary Burkart, Darby Campbell, Mason Campbell, AJ Campion, Tama Cassidy, Craig Caudill, Chris Chandler, Josh Chandler, Kellie Chandler, Teresa Cooper, Lucian Dean, Mike Deitmaring, Katie Dodds, Steve Duncan, Susie Duncan, Trent Elsworth, Jared Embree, Jodi Fite, Sheila Gillman, Dixie Gillinwater, George Hall, Hollie Hall, Nathan Hall, Adam Happensack, Carter Hatton, Erin Hazelton, Matt Hazelton, Caleb Heimlech, Christa Hemmelein, Becca Holmes, Ann Honaker, Chris Howard, Jess Ison, Jeff Kelley, Kristi Kelley, Don Kemper, Dylan Kiser, Kevin Kissell, Darlene Kisner, Tristan Kitchen, Rob Kline, Hunter Layne, Jake Lewis, Jeremiah Lewis, Jonathon Lewis, Tiffany Lewis, Caitlin Lobl, Sarah Lott, Tessa Lube, Chris Lucas, Michael Lucas, Kristy Matheson, Emily Mattle, Rachel McClurg, Kelly McDermott, Tim Mootz, Mathew Munn, Charlie Munn, Keith Music, Andy Niekamp, Ryan Niemer, Orienteering Club of Cincinnati - OCIN, Orienteering Club of Louisville – OLOU, Ashley Oneill, Tammy Otten, Solomon Patton, Matt Pauley, Lisa Plummer, Sam Plummer, Jim Perkins, Caitlin Puff, Bryan Queen, Brent Ray, Byranmarc Ray, Kim Ray, Koral Ray, Jeremy Rayburn, Cheryl Reber, Amy Richardson, Channing Richardson, Amy Rickman, Jeff Rickman, David Robinson, Kitty Rose, Dianna Ross, Jim Ross, Mike Rzesutock, Nealy Sarver, Brian Saul, Denise Scheibly, Kathryn Scudier, Nate Shelton, Julie Smith, Larry Smith, Scott Smith, Skylar Smith, Rylie St Claire, Bre Staton, Sheila Stephens, Vanessa Stevens, Dana Sutherland, Savannah Tank, Zac Tank, Sarah Tankersley, Paul Tierney, Chelsea Thomas, Lauren Thomas, Tracy Trimble, Wesley Turnbo, Asbury University, Breanden Vartorella, Don Vartorella, Terry Waechter, Gary Walker, Karen Walker, Mark Walker, Adam Wilson, Savannah Wilson, Brandon Yates, Martha Yount

Thanks to all others that are not listed above and have helped make Winter Adventure Weekend a successful event.

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