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What Is New This Year? 2023

Much is new with the 2023 Winter Adventure Weekend!

❆ Winter Adventure Weekend 12 Year Anniversary

❆ New Winter Adventure Weekend Website

❆ New Online Registration Platform

❆ New Field Trip - Winter Tree ID

❆ New Field Trip - 8 Arches And Tunnel Hike

❆ New Field Trip - Cast Iron Cooking With Cook Wild Kentucky

❆ New Field Trip - Dummies Guide To Water Treatment For The Backpacker

❆ New Field Trip - Hiking 101: Get Started With Hiking

❆ New Field Trip - Friday Night Crawl

❆ New Field Trip - Leap Of Faith Rope Swing

❆ New Field Trip - Medatative Hike

❆ New T-shirt Design For 2023

❆ Thursday Evening Program: Ghost And Legends Tour Of Cascade Cave

❆ Friday Evening Program: Karaoke Challenge

❆ Friday Evening Program: Meet The Squeezebox Program

❆ Saturday Evening Keynote Presentation: The Caving Podcast - Matt Pelsor

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